Authentic grill gaste.
Virtually no smoke!

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Rain or shine, grill anytime you want

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Multi Chopper

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  • Multi Chopper
    $90 value
  • Phillips coupons
    $50 value
  • Rastelli coupons
    $200 value
  • Free shipping
    $20 value
Try it for only $69.99!**

Philips Smoke-less Grill was rated best infrared grill by Geek Wrapped a leading review site!

Food that tastes like it was cooked on an outdoor grill
The secret is Philips' innovative grill features
Even heating & consistent temperature

Consistent 446 degree temperature across the grill surface means no hot spots for even browning every time!

Virtually no smoke

The always cool drip allows oils, fats and grease to drop down without the typical splattering, smoking or smells. Instead it is captured below the heat so there is virtually no smoke. Plus food doesn't soak in oil or grease for even healthier meals.

Easy to clean

Grill and Drip Tray are both easily removed and dishwasher safe, plus the grill is non-stick!

One-minute setup

Easy on/off switch with 1 touch and lightweight design makes set up fast and convenient.

Non-stick grill

Create authentic grill lines for great tasting meat, poultry and fish.

Now you can enjoy your favorite roasts on the grill with the 

all new rotisserie attachment

With the Rotisserie attachment you can enjoy even more of your favorite meals, cooked anywhere – without the smoke!

Cook succulent roasts, homemade rotisserie chicken, pork roasts, honey glazed roasted ham, and bacon wrapped turkey breasts.

Available after checkout!

Now you can grill the best BBQ meals indoors - smoke free!







Don't take our word for it.

Hear what customers are saying!

"Grilling Excellence, Indoors!!"
Bob, Cincinnati, OH

This grill is quick, effective, and results in very tasty, moist, grilling flavor on the typical foods that I enjoy grilling. Fast set up and warm up matched with quick and easy clean up make this grill a great asset to the kitchen appliance arsenal.

Felipe, NY

It ain't charcoal, and it ain't wood, but if you don't have the space outside, THIS is what you want. Trust me. Everything Philips says about this product being wonderful only scratches the surface. I've fallen in love with every single aspect of it, and at the "end of the day", cleanup is freakishly simple. I don't know how they figured out how to make cleanup such a snap, but they did.

"I love it!"
Vicky, Amarillo, TX

I have quit going out to eat my grilled salmon. Just put some flavoring like soy sauce and it cooks like my favorite restaurant. It is flaky, savory and delicate.

I cook thin sliced chicken and steak for my husband to make sandwiches. He is diabetic and does not eat processed meats. Works great!!

Rain or shine, Grill anytime you want

Limited time special offer includes

$350 in free gifts:

  • Multi Chopper - $90 value
  • Philips coupons - $50 value
  • Rastelli coupons - $200 value
  • Free shipping - $20 value
Try it for only $69.99!**

Rain or shine, grill anytime you want.

Rain or shine, grill anytime you want.

Limited time risk-free offer!

  • Great tasting authentic grill taste with virtually no smoke
  • Evenly cooks with no smell and grease
  • No need to adjust the heat
  • Fast 6 minute pre-heat time
  • Fast and easy cleanup!
Limited time special offer includes 

$350 in free gifts:

  • Rastelli coupons $200 value
  • Phillips coupons $50 value
  • Philips Chopper $90 value
  • Free shipping $20 value
Try it for only $69.99!

*Up to 80% less smoke vs. a US leading indoor electric grill when grilling 2 batches of 4 beef burgers (1/4 lb–18% fat/82% lean).

**OFFER DETAILS: Order your Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill risk-free for 30 days for $69.99 + FREE shipping. Additional shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada: $19.99. With your order you will receive a free multi chopper (a $90 value), free shipping, $200 in coupons to the Rastelli Market (expires January 1st, 2019), an exclusive Philips recipe book, and a $50 coupon to the Philips store (March 31, 2019) valid for any household product at the Philips US online store, with the exception of accessories, for any purchase of $100 minimum. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill, just return it within 30 days for a FULL REFUND of your $69.99 trial purchase, less shipping and handling. If you choose to keep your Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill, you will make 4 additional monthly payments of $69.99. This offer is covered by a 30-Day money back guarantee!

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