Philips Airfryer Reviews
Never deep frying again 11/25/14
"I have fried fresh chicken wings, fresh shrimp, fresh french fries and frozen fries along with a host of other frozen appetizers. This machine is amazing. No old oil to dispose of and a breeze to clean (just put it in the dishwasher). Fantastic!" -Daisy10 

Awesome product 11/23/14
"My family really likes this product. When I bought it, I had some aggressive ideas in mind regarding recipes and it is workings like a charm. No hot oil mess or handling, awesome and healthier. It cooks fried pork meat (carne frita), ribs, smashed plantains (tostones), blood sausages (morcillas), Argentinian turn overs (empanadillas argentinas), egg rolls and many more. We are still discovering more uses. Highly recommended." - Julio

The best product so far! 9/7/14
"My wife made French fries with both regular potatoes and pre-cut potatoes from the store. Both turned out golden and tasty, but the latter were crispier on the outside. She also "fried" "kibbeh" (about 15 fit in the basket). They turned out just like regular-fried ones, without all the oily smell around the house. Delicious too! So far, so good! We did not buy the accessories, and frankly think that the basket size is just right. Look around for a lower price. We recommend it!" -Jaimito

Love it! 4/7/14 
"Love this item I do everything in it that requires oil. I have mastered pies which is a southern favorite. Yesterday grilled fish with it". -Bamaji

Awesome fryer 5/16/2014
"This is the best appliance ever. It crisps, fries and wings perfectly. I added little more timing bad didn't over crowd the wings at 390. Awesome. No more greasy food and easy clean ups. Buying the baking unit now." -HJ13

AMAZING!!! 1/13/14 
"This is a must have in your home. I was in total shock when I airfryed potatoes without any oil at all and they turned out brown, and crunchy!! I made grill cheese sandwiches, even took out some homemade cheese raviolis and made them as appetizers. This airfryer is so wonderful that I am telling all my friends and family to buy one, because you really and truly can eat your foods without the oil. I won't miss the calories or the expense of oil again! Great product, you will be sorry if youj don't buy one!!" -Amanda

My favorite cooker EVER! 11/25/13
"I've been using this daily for about a month after using the Nuwave oven, and this just blew me away. Every dish I tried, turned out better than expected SPECIALLY the Tandoori chicken legs I cooked over the weekend. The grill attachment was perfect for the chicken Can't believe how EASY it is to clean. Just love it and hope the fryer lasts for a while :^)" -Mondle T.

Finally Something As "FAST" as Fast Food! 12/23/13 
"This Multicooker is great for doing those frozen snacks that take twice as long in a conventional oven or come out soggy in a microwave. Then there's the lack of having to use oil for making dishes from scratch. Chicken wings come out as crisp as being fried in a deep fryer! Buffalo Wings without the mess and odors of a quart of oil bubbling on the counter. It's great, when was the last time you had a perfect grilled cheese sandwich in 4 min?" -Captain Jack

Love this Air Fryer!! 11/7/13
"This product has exceeded my expectations in every way. My kids and I love using this for quickly making tots, fries, chicken nuggets, wings and patties, and other typically frozen foods that are better when deep fried. I have recently tried fresh chicken, which turned out great, using the Jerk recipe from the book. I just ordered accessories for the AirFryer and am looking forward to expanding the use of this awesome product." -Inspired1

Great Little Product!! 11/5/13 
"It opens up an entirely new way to cook and prepare healthier foods!! It cooks fast, cooks great and great tasting food comes out of this gem!! My sister got one before me, she loves it, convinced me to get it, and we bake and bake and bake. Now I just ordered some of the accessories [which I have been waiting for] and I cannot wait to start using them. buy this, use this, love this!!!" -Pickures

This product is easy to use with healthier food options. 10/24/13
"Last night I made chicken wings in our new airfryer and WOW, the chicken was cooked to perfection in under 20 minutes and the meat was tender and juicy without the added fat from a deep fryer. We have tried fries and other frozen items but I am so impressed with the result of fresh chicken. This is a definate addition to my countertop that will be used frequently." -Jacie

Great! 11/25/13
"The Air Fryer is the greatest, I use it all the time I have purchased the baking pan and also the grill pan and they also are great. Waiting for the double rack to be available I will have that too. I really love this product." -Hogrider47

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! 11/17/13 
"I received my air fryer about a week ago and have used it practically every day. It is so easy to use, cleans up beautifully, and cooks like a dream. I live alone so the small basket is perfect for me. If you have a larger family, don't let this deter you from purchase. You will just have to so a few extra batches, but it is well worth the extra effort." -Crafty414

The Airfryer is great, it really works!! 8/27/13 
"The airfryer is great. I think it is the best advance in cooking since sliced bread!! Even my nickpicky sister loves using it and the clean up is a breeze!!" -Robin49

This is the only way to fry anything 8/19/13 
"I have had this Low fat fryer for a month now, After giving up frayed foods for at least three years. Very easy to use, no mess clean up, foods come out perfectly fried! Just stopped by the Philips site to see if I could find more recipes." -DAC22

What a great product! 8/12/13 
"I purchased this air fryer because I was trying to eliminate all the oil that is used in cooking and all that goes with it-lugging big bottles of oil and than having to dispose of it as well. Well, I saw this advertised on hsn and decided to try it. It was the best decision I could have made! It not only saves on oil but time and very little heat in the kitchen-no big oven to heat up because it not only fries with air but bakes as well. It has a fairly large capacity and being that it is done by hot air swirling around, it also quick and convenient. It has many recipes to try and will take care of the quick and easy ones too. Try it-you won't be disappointed." -Josiebear

Fantastic Product!!! 8/12/13
"French fries turned out fantastic. Used it to cook frozen hamburger patties and they came out perfectly browned, and moist. Best of all no splatters to clean up. I use it every other day for my steamed fish and I love it, fish comes out tender and moist with just enough browned color to make it eye appealing. This was a win win deal for me." -CajunMama

French fries every night. 8/7/13 
"My husband and I have used this for dinner almost everyday, I have even used it for the kids lunch, such as chicken nuggets. We love the way the french fries come out. My husband takes a piece of tin foil and puts on the bottom after the fries are cooked and puts cheese and jalepeno on top, they come out perfect. He also buys the rotisserie chicken and reheats pieces in the air fryer. Yummo. We use this for fish sticks for the kids too, came out great. We are very very happy with everything so far, and we love that it does not require alot of time." -Alewthwaite

I love my little AirFryer! 6/13/13
"I love everything about this airfryer. We use it multiple times a week. I get perfect fries, fish and chicken every time. And best of all, I hardly use any oil at all. Actually, I use so little oil now, I just use a a little spray on oil. Clean up is also a snap with this little guy. I personally don't need a larger unit, but I think some families may. I would hope they just add another larger model to the lineup, and keep this unit as it is." -RP2S

Surprisingly easy to use, the Airfryer allows me to eat the food I enjoy without the high fat. 5/21/13
"I love fried foods but my doctor told me I had to give them up for a healthy diet. Thanks to the Airfryer, I can enjoy those foods again. The potatoes and chicken we make with the Airfryer are both delicious and healthy. I’m looking forward to trying lots of new recipes." -Sheila02

Excellent Investment for Healthier Living 4/3/13
"When I purchased the Phillips airfryer, I wasn't sure what I was getting, and didn't get my hopes up too high. I purchased it to fry my kids chicken nuggets and tater tots, in the hopes that, while they will always be their favorite foods, I can at least cut the fat and calories by using air to fry them. From the first use, I was amazed! The freezer french fries were in fast food perfect, and all I did was throw them in, turn it on and coat them with a little Pam. Sooo easy...sooo good. Frozen chicken nuggets turned out even better! Since then, I have used my fryer for just about everything. My favorite uses are: frozen french fries/tater tots, chicken nuggets, rewarming takeout like fries from McD or ChickfilA sandwiches, heating naans, and making those cute tortilla bowls (need to buy your own metal form to set inside. Seriously love my air fryer, and use it on a daily basis. Don't think'll love it too!" -Syasma